June 20, 2024

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Where Is That Congressional Delegation List?


Finding out who is in a legislative delegation is harder than you think

Want to know who’s responsible for electing the DOT commissioners? Since this is how the people hold the S.C. Department of Transportation accountable – at least in theory – the list of legislators per Congressional district should be easy to find, right?


First, I searched the State House website. The list should be posted there, but it isn’t.

Maybe the website shows the Congressional district on each individual legislator’s profile page? Not there either.

How about the legislative manual? That’s your one-stop-shop for all things state government. No such luck.

Next, I turned to that source of all wisdom and knowledge – Google. Turns out Google doesn’t know everything after all.

What about the SCDOT website? Maybe it’ll show who is responsible for electing each commission.


I called the SCDOT, and they directed me to the Senate Transportation committee, chaired by Larry Grooms. I called his office, explained what I was looking for, and that someone at DOT had directed there. The staffer said, “They did?”

Okay, then. Let’s go to the guys who elect them. I contacted a state representative. His answer: “Overlay the maps!” You have go.t to be kidding me.

The senator I spoke to wasn’t much more helpful, although he got points for trying.

In all of this, I was directed to the Joint Transportation Review Committee, which screens commissioner candidates before sending them to the legislators. I looked up the staff information, and – wouldn’t you just know it? The main contact number is Larry Grooms’ office number, and the administrative assistant is the staffer I already spoke to. Now we’re going in circles.

Also listed on that page are the House and Senate counsels for the JTRC. While you wouldn’t normally go to a lawyer for this information, I have nothing to lose at this point, so I called the House counsel. He was able to put me in touch with another House staffer, who he said – dare I hope it – would have the House list.

I called her and explained what I wanted, and she said, “I have it right here! What’s your email address?”

Wait, what?

In a very short time, I had the list in my inbox.

So here you go, ladies and gentlemen. The official list of who elects whom, brought to you at great trouble and expense. You’re welcome.


Commissioner: Jim Rozier


Campbell, Paul                    District 44

Campsen, George              District 43

Davis, Tom                           District 46

Kimpson, Marlon                District 42

Grooms, Larry                     District 37

Thurmond, Paul                 District 41

Bennett, Sean                     District 38

House of Representatives

Samuel Rivers                                  District 15

Joseph Daning                                District 92

Jenny Horne                                     District 94

Chris Murphy                                    District 98

James Merrill                                    District 99

Edward L. Southard                        District 100

Harry B. “Chip” Limehouse  III     District 110

Wendell Gilliard                               District 111

Michael Sottile                                  District 112

Mary E. Tinkler                                 District 114

Peter McCoy, Jr.                               District 115

William E. Crosby                            District 117

Bill Herbkersman                             District 118

Leon Stavrinakis                              District 119

Wm. Weston Newton                      District 120

Jeffrey A. Bradley                            District 123

Shannon Erickson                          District 124



Commissioner: John Hardee, vice-chairman


Courson, John                    District 20

Shealy, Katrina                   District 23

Lourie, Joel                          District 22

Young, Tom                         District 24

Setzler, Nikki                        District 26

House of Representatives

Ralph Kennedy                                           District 39

Richard Quinn                                             District 69

Nathan Ballentine                                       District 71

Kirkman Finlay III                                         District 75

Beth Bernstein                                             District 78

Mia McLeod                                                  District 79

Don L. Wells                                                 District 81

Bill Clyburn                                                   District 82

Christopher Corley                                      District 84

Chip Huggins                                               District 85

Bill Taylor                                                      District 86

Todd Atwater                                                 District 87

McLain R. “Mac” Toole                               District 88

Kenneth A. “Kenny” Bingham                  District 89

Lonnie Hosey                                               District 91

Kit Spires                                                       District 96



Commissioner: Ben H. Davis Jr.


Alexander, Thomas                       District 1

Bryant, Kevin                                  District 3

Martin, Larry                        District 2

Massey, Shane                               District 25

Nicholson, Floyd                            District 10

Vacancy                                            District 4

Turner, Ross                                   District 8

Verdin, Danny                                 District 9

House of Representatives

William R. “Bill” Whitmire                         District 1

William E. “Bill” Sandifer  III                     District 2

Gary E. Clary                                                 District 3

David R. Hiott                                               District 4

Neal A. Collins                                             District 5

Brian White                                                  District 6

Mike Gambrell                                              District 7

Jonathon D. Hill                                           District 8

Anne Thayer                                                 District 9

Joshua Putnam                                           District 10

Craig  A. Gagnon                                         District 11

Anne Parks                                                    District 12

Robert Shannon Riley                                District 13

Michael A. Pitts                                            District 14

Mark Willis                                                     District 16

Eric  Bedingfield                                          District 28

William Hixon                                               District 83



Commissioner: Woodrow “Woody” Willard Jr.


Allen, Karl B.                         District 7

Fair, Michael                         District 6

Bright, Lee                             District 12

Reese, Glenn                       District 11

Martin, Shane                       District 13

Corbin, Tom                          District 5

House of Representatives

Mike Burns                                                    District 17

Tommy Stringer                                            District 18

Dwight A. Loftis                                            District 19

Dan Hamilton                                               District 20

Phyllis Henderson                                       District 21

Wendy Nanney                                            District 22

Chandra Dillard                                           District 23

Bruce Bannister                                           District 24

Leola Robinson-Simpson                          District 25

Garry R. Smith                                              District 27

Harold Mitchell, Jr.                                       District 31

Derham Cole, Jr.                                          District 32

Eddie Tallon                                                 District 33

Mike Forrester                                               District 34

Bill Chumley                                                 District 35

Rita Allison                                                   District 36

Donna Wood                                                  District 37

Douglas Brannon                                        District 38



Commissioner: W.B. Cook


Coleman, Creighton             District 17

Cromer, Ronnie                   District 18

Gregory, Greg                       District 16

Hayes, Wes                           District 15

McElveen, Thomas              District 35

Peeler, Harvey S.                 District 14

Sheheen, Vincent               District 27

House of Representatives

Raye Felder                                      District 26

Dennis Moss                                    District 29

Steve Moss                                       District 30

Walton J. McLeod                            District 40

Mary Gail Douglas                           District 41

Mike Anthony                                   District 42

G. “Greg” Delleney, Jr.                   District 43

Mandy Powers Norrell                    District 44

Deborah Long                                  District 45

Gary Simrill                                       District 46

Thomas Pope                                   District 47

Ralph Norman                                  District 48

John R. King                                    District 49

Grady A. Brown                                District 50

David Weeks                                    District 51

Laurie Slade Funderburk               District 52

Murrell Smith, Jr.                            District 67



Commissioner: Samuel B. Glover


Hutto, Brad                          District 40

Jackson, Darrell                 District 21

Johnson, Kevin                  District 36

Matthews, John                  District 39

Sabb, Ronnie                      District 32

Bright Matthews, Margie   District 45

Scott, John                          District 19

House of Representatives

Roger Kirby                           District 61

Robert Ridgeway                 District 64

Gilda Cobb-Hunter              District 66

Joseph H. Neal                    District 70

James E. Smith, Jr.              District 72

Chris Hart                              District 73

Todd Rutherford                  District 74

Leon Howard                         District 76

Joe McEachern                    District 77

Dr. Jimmy C. Bales              District 80

Justin Bamberg                    District 90

Russell Ott                            District 93

Jerry N. Govan, Jr.               District 95

Patsy Knight                         District 97

Cezar McKnight                   District 101

Joseph H. Jefferson             District 102

David Mack                           District 109

Seth Whipper                       District 113

Robert Brown                       District 116

Bill Bowers                            District 120

Kenneth F. Hodges             District 121



Commissioner: Mike Wooten, chairman


Cleary, Ray                          District 34

Hembree, Greg                    District 28

Leatherman, Hugh             District 31

Malloy, Gerald                     District 29

Rankin, Luke                       District 33

Williams,  Kent                    District 30

House of Representatives

Richard L. Yow                                 District 53

Patricia M. Henegan                       District 54

Jackie E. Hayes                               District 55

Michael Q. Ryhal                             District 56

Wayne George                                  District 57

Jeffrey E. Johnson                          District 58

Terry Alexander                                District 59

Philip Lowe                                       District 60

Robert Williams                                District 62

Wallace “Jay” Jordan                      District 63

James H. “Jay” Lucas                     District 65

Heather A. Crawford                       District 68

Carl Lovetta Anderson                    District 103

Greg D. Duckworth                          District 104

Kevin J. Hardee                               District 105

Russell Fry                                        District 106

Alan D. Clemmons                          District 107

Stephen L. Goldfinch                      District 108

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